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Anything not Everything!

In a far lost place,into the lust green bushes of living trees spread across as long as the eye could see.Canopy of these numerous thick green veils strongly holding the roots of this place’s foundation.This place was just unimaginable, the creator must have taken at least a couple of decades to design this whole place.So many places where a lost soul could simply get comfortable and enjoy the serene, wonderful and intrigue designs of nature with flowers of all color’s blooming, to be precise cherries on top of a cake.I had never seen such a sight all my life.It was indeed an absolute masterpiece.

The people living in this place were honest.They trusted each other and knowledge was shared abundantly.Having each other’s back in gruesome times was the principle they abided. Each person was self sufficient and just wanted to be efficient so they could support their families, without failing at their duties they continued to work day in day out,believed in living peacefully and giving equal opportunity to each one.It was an actual democracy one can say, people lived, loved and laughed as per their wish.

It was a happy place.

I kept wondering how could any place be so perfect, because we all know it is the imperfections which lead to experiences and learnings.I believe one will always get answers if they are ready to search for them and then I came across the tale of 5 friends who were the principal architects of this astonishing piece of land.

It is said that in ancient days there used to be this ball of light as bright as the sun’s first rays.Scattering immense amounts of light to every corner in its vicinity.They said once u own this ball of light you can win everything.Being curious was undeniable, owning this radiance and unlimited source of energy was difficult and laborious they said.Ancient folks said that this glorious and radiant ball of light was a boon for some and curse for the others, and that no one in the entire world was able to have control of this beauty.The most important and the foremost feature of it was that the light was undying.

So these 5 curious minds wanted to understand this and hence they walked the path along each other.To gain the most enchanting experience of their lives.

Ahem, the youngest of all and the most loved amongst the group.He was an art enthusiast , he was quite famous for the beautiful carvings he had made across the place and the array of colors that he used to pick.The only problem with him was he would get angry even at the smallest event going against his will.

Rudra, this one was intelligent. It was his hobby to know everything happening in the surrounding and keep questioning the existence of everything. He would for hours keep contemplating and researching about so many things taking place around him.The only problem with this one was he couldn’t bear that anyone but him had all the knowledge, he would get jealous of people who knew even a small bit more than him.

Patra was a beautiful girl with the most beautiful eyes, she was a foodie. She would love to talk about various recipes and she herself had prepared so many in the past. She was very passionate about exploring new recipes,preparing and eating it.She was unable to control the urge to eat and the food was making her body out of proportion.She had gained so much weight that her body started giving up.There were days she couldn’t even eat because of her sickness.

Lekha was voluptuous woman, she was as beautiful as the goddesses from heaven.Anyone who would see her once would never forget the sight of her.With her dusky complexion, long hairs coming down to her navel,beautiful round and big eyes, very sensitive pale pink lips,long and steady hands. She was another pearl on this heaven on earth place.She was the most famous girl in the place and would keep getting offers from young princes and kings.She would maintain a good relationship with them for a while but then she needed someone new to satisfy her desires.She would never settle down not yet.

Gauti,he was happy go lucky person.He was always helping people around him.He showed utmost amount of respect to his elders.Always abided by the rules of the place , was always standing as a backbone to his friends.He was not the brightest one amongst his friend, normal looking , average height boy with a grit as tough as diamond itself but the only problem with this one was self loathing.He used to be in guilt all the time.

So these 5 thought of taking the adventure to the region of light.It was difficult for Patra to walk and hence her friends tried to help her at every step of the way.Gauti tried to take the lead at times while holding Patra.Ahem all along the way kept admiring the path to region of light, it was such an enchanting place, the scriptures and the nature’s intricate designs kept him mesmerised, Rudra kept annoying him with his genius blabber.Although he had just enough knowledge as the others had, he was trying to be the smartest of all.Patra was hungry and Lekha tried to help her with some food she had carried with her.

They all sat under a huge banyan tree along the way. It had a crystal clear narrow river flowing next to it. The banyan tree was surrounded by more fully bloomed fruit bearing trees.Gauti and Lekha collected some fruits for all and Rudra continued exploring the place.Ahem was sitting with Patra having their usual banter about each other and suddenly they saw a few monks coming their way. Gauti stood up and offered food to them, the monks were not welcomed by the others, all were busy with their heartfelt discussions

The monks still asked all of them about their plans and Lekha told them that they were in search of the region of Light.The monk seemed delighted to hear this, Gauti was kind enough and hence the monk asked him what takes you to this region of light.Even before Gauti could answer, Rudra jumped to this opportunity to lead again and told the monk about the region of light and how important it was and that they are determined to go for it.

The monk heard peacefully from Rudra, he then told that the place was beautiful and that the region of light welcomed all with open hands, the ball of light is like a guidance and you cannot put it under a leash.It should be treated like a companion.To this Rudra became fumed as he could not accept that the monk was aware of more facts about the region of light, he dismissed the monk and left to explore the place.

Gauti and Lekha apologised to the monk and asked for his blessings, Ahem and Patra were just watching the whole scene.

The monk peacefully sat with the group and told them more about the region of light and in the end he said you can do anything but not everything.The group started their journey again it took them twice the time to reach the region of light because of Patra, she was giving up again and again.It was a difficult journey for all but the determination to control everything was beyond any excuses any of them made.

They reached a further more dense place, covered with white and red daffodils and thick veils to guard the place.The bushes and trees were so huge and densely packed that it seemed like a wall built to safeguard the region of light.Yes they had reached.They started to climb up the wall, Ahem constantly started having a heated argument with Rudra, Patra was hungry again and Lekha, she had urges which she was unable to control.Gauti wasn't able to help,he was confused why suddenly all had behaving in this manner. He started climbing and occasionally helping Patra.

It was dawn when they reached the white marbled floor, they stood in front of the ball of light which was in in its full glory, it was shining in a diamond casket covered with red and white daffodils with a huge waterfall behind it and the rays from the ball were making the marble floors sparkle like numerous stars in the universe.It was absolutely magnificent sights one would have ever seen.

Gauti was aware that his friends were losing it and hence he turned to see them, what he saw was the most unexpected. The monk appeared again and Rudra folded his hands, apologized and requested to share his knowledge, he was ready to understand and he was no more boasting.All were puzzled as to what had just happened.All wanted to talk to the monk.

The monk had a peaceful smile on his face, the monk requested all of them to sit down, he spoke to each one alone. Each of the friends came out more satisfied and radiant when they came out, they were changed,Gauti was the last to enter.As soon as he entered the monks chamber he saw the ball of light was in the hands of monk, he could not believe to what he had just seen.Monk made him comfortable and asked him to hold but somehow the ball would drift away from Gauti.The ball would go back to the monk, Gauti was kind of frustrated.

The Monk told a secret to Gauti, We all have cravings/urges/Feelings like anger,jealousy, overindulging, sexual desires and loathing but falling to these urges makes our mind weak.

The ball of light is not as strong as your mind, the ball of light is nothing but awareness.Your mind has different facets and the ball of light emits it’s radiance to each corner and makes you aware of them, you need to decide what is important and that makes you a master of your mind.

He tried, and after numerous failed attempts, the ball now rested in Gauti’s hands and he had gained the radiance of the ball.Gauti was enlightened as his other friends. He understood that the ball of light gains its energy from the people like us and hence it is undying.One cant conquer it but it is like an ally.

The 5 friends made a pact to take these learning to the world and make a place as good as the region of light, they wanted to be the catalysts of awareness.The rest is past and hence this place was immensely beautiful and the people here were content with themselves.They were now aware of the fact that you can achieve anything but not everything (at one time)


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