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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

People I have stumbled upon seem to overthink every little detail, somehow tend to trust people they have been with since they entered planet Earth which is a high ratio of the blood relations. However, if given a serious thought the blood relations are nothing but people we didn't get an option to choose but they were gifted to us.(Imagine being born to that irritating aunt of yours? hahaha :P)

Trust is what we are projected to since we ever understood the meaning of trust. I mean have you ever doubted your sibling over another person who isn't a close one. You will save your sibling's ass over anyone else. In the blink of your eyes, Right???

What I have learned after staying away for quite a while from my blood, is that it's the amount of time that we give each other to understand and happily adjust for each other's happiness results up in building a strong bond between you and the latter half.

Now, do we realize that our parents were not related to each other (except incests)but still they accepted each other and we are a product of their trust in each other?

The basic understanding here is that "TIME" is the best teacher and it helps to trust, understand, build relationships, and help us evolve as mature humans.

Hence, blood or non-blood doesn't matter we all are glitched humans in this vacuum of time. We are wired in different manners but more or less the mechanisms are the same.

Still, in the mainstream world, blood wins over non-blood, would be enlightened to see a world of no bias.

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