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Do Ghost Exist?

A shady place, White Saree, the anklets tinkling, creaking door sound and flowing water.Indeed one of the most best selling plots in any horror story/play.

Nevertheless, I believe ghosts aren’t limited to these story ploys, they go way beyond those boundaries.The thoughts like dark weeds of the most beautiful garden tend to ruin the balanced state of our mind, pulling them into the hands of “Ghost”

The simple feeling of anger, a streak of jealousy, the heaviness of guilt, the spreading irritation of fear and many more such feelings are the “Ghosts”.

Like the water gets muddy with a simple throw of a stone, similarly our balanced and strategic thoughts become delusional.We fail to understand what is in best interest of ourselves.

It’s like building a fort of insecurities and living inside it, far away from what the reality is.In many cases reality was way more beautiful than the results imagined.

These walls make us their allies, we become slaves to our mind and the “Ghosts” are unleashed.They make everything complicated, even a simple conversation becomes a statistical data for the judgement of this conversation.We fail to realise that the ghosts are drifting us away from our loved one’s, the beautiful nursery is being ruined by all types of ghosts existing in the whole wide world.Tearing the rampants of the the beautiful lush green space.

Everything's being changed under your nose and you stay still like a bystander and till the time you realise it, it’s way too late because those walls are now your comfort zone, befriended your enemies itself.Sometimes you are glad of your condition but always remember there is a reason they are gold ” Ghosts”.

Always have a "

STRING" back to reality, something you want passionately.

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