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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

I can make you successful, I know the road to success. Give me 6 months and the success is yours. Have we heard and clicked the link immediately, these links should be used only as a reference and not as the ONLY way to succeed.

I have realized that we tend to frame success, in a way that one can follow the same path and succeed in life, and then now that I have realized that this is the pedigree I have been given all over my life.

Schools!! are the number one example of a frame.

Starting from wearing a uniform, color days, a hairstyle, the famous short test, and the grading system.DAMN!!!!!

I could have never imagined that I would say that schools are wrong, but today I need to come ahead and say this:" The education system is a big SHAM!!"

Why do we end up putting ourselves through that trauma throughout our lives?

Do you realize that you are being prepared for the rat race?

Giving training on how to enter the bigger rat race in life, so that we could just make it to the end of lives "safe" and not doing our bests but just average and become like 100 others who made it to the famous average/safe life with no challenges because in school if we did not go according to the "syllabus" we will fail.LOL!! the biggest lie of a life. Everything is propaganda these days it's all about pleasing some extremely influencing person. The basics that will actually be needed in life were only taught as a poem to be repeated every morning just in the name of "Assembly"

Now that I dared to look out of that frame I realized I was just like a rat who was being trained to fit the race. Dare! it is liberating, try to listen to yourself. Don't try and make frames because the frames always come in different shapes and sizes. Make one for your own and flourish like a butterfly. Carve your own destiny because following something without using your own "genius" is not what we were born for.

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