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The Necessary Boundaries.

As I was reading a book today; “The rudest book ever”, it stated something which took my understanding from the roots.

It said treat yourself as a nation, make rules and make policies.

The type of understanding I had till date has been flawed? May be?

You were may be living for the betterment of everyone else?

Did you ever made boundaries/walls ?

Did you ever think umm may be this is fun but no isn’t giving me happiness/content/sense?

When you are getting to know your self, you will find

out that you have specific wants, desires and tendencies in you.

Out of those, you’re gonna find out that there are certain things in you which are the enemy. It could be certain desires, some urges in you, or some tendencies which cause self-harm.

Basically, they are set out to ruin whatever you wanna build.

You need to be aware of those, how ?

You need to ask yourself what gives me the happiness for a longer period of time?

Define the rules from experiences and learn from mistakes.

It’s very basic, like a nation has its policies and rules and processes.

You need to have them within you and that basically gives you an identity of your “self”

We keep forgetting the basic purpose of “SELF”.

When you learn from experiences and you try to fight with a better sense of understanding you are one step ready for the next big thing.

You are in your own authority.The decisions you take aren’t because of your inner demons but because you have thought over it and now you are in a better judgement place.

Similarly,self respect is important because via self control you will succeed in taking the same decisions but if you are affected by your external circumstances then may be some other nation will control you.

The absence of self respect causes various issues which keep haunting you till a try very long time.

Disregarding their self, their own wants, plans, everything. And not

just for love, this happens all over the world for approval, acceptance and


Taking approvals from different nations isn’t a bad thing but making sure your own position too is respected is a very important part of the whole arrangement.

It’s a very difficult job I think to stay by your words because there are sooo many distractions around the world. But I think it’s also the test of your grit at the end.

How important are you for yourself?

When an job opportunity doesn’t work out the way you thought, you do not dwell over the lost chances rather look at the new opportunity, that’s because may be the best is yet to happen.

The definition of the Best must be as per you and not as per the other nations definition, the huge penthouse isn’t your definition of success but may a Rolls Royce black ghost is.I dnt care, but the most important part of the process is that it is your rule, your policy, your dictation.

You’re going to meet a lot of people in life. You can’t just allow anybody to start fucking with your

feelings, which happens a lot. It happens in the name of wanting someone’s approval, in the name of being liked by colleagues, and in the name of love.

The walls are important, it keeps your focused on the ball.These walls come from knowing what causes harm to the nation and the moral code ensures what lines you will never cross.

Keeping the self respect and control intact.

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