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Kalyani!! employee of the month. Mr.Verma's best and the brightest team member.

A young and enthusiastic lad came to a hustling city of Mumbai, hardwork was in her blood.She applied to all the portals possible to get the job she aspired for and one day received her appointment letter. She was a career oriented person, her day started with opening her calendar checking if her agenda and meetings were on point and day ended with sleeping while reading some report or an update from the employees of her team.She was the most reliable employee the company could ask for, work used to be worship for her.

The company was about to start their new branch in Kolkata and Mr.Verma was the head of compliance and knew exactly who was to be considered for the execution of this plan.He planned the whole compliance activity with Kalyani, the travel desk did the travel arrangements. The activity involved meeting villagers, sirpanch and various people connected to the site development work.The plan had to be executed with utmost care as the company was to gain loads of profits through this project.

Kalyani and team landed in Kolkata , took respective cars and started off for the site. They met all the stakeholders the meetings went as planned without any loophole, the team was ahead of their schedule and hence decided to roam in the city.The all took off to the Victoria and the times street enjoyed the puchkas. Kalyani was still updating her report all the while, she took a few phone calls on the way can't help the workaholic regime.

These visits continued, more projects came in and in just 4 year Kalyani was the senior manager of compliances she was unbeatable, she was just perfect but is it really possible to be perfect? A human who has no flaws lets see how the events turn.

Kalyani was returning back from one of her important visits and as soon as she landed she lost control and fell down flat on the arrivals.She was immediately taken to hospital and admitted they told her that she was low on nutrients and hence she had to take medicines. It was done and dusted but Mr.Verma was like a father figure to her and he advised her to take a leave for a week, Kalyani wasn't sure if she wanted to do that but she ended up taking that leave , in the last 4 years this was her 1st leave, she had been working day in day out and now this leave was like a huge rock mountain for her, the 7 days were like 7 years she thought.She was going to face the one person she had ignore for years."Herself"

The first day started with her opening the laptop, checking the agenda's and reports but to her surprise she couldn't concentrate, she was alone. She had never preferred working from home. She knew these 7 days were going to haunt the life out of her. She cooked and watched a movie and went to bed early, somehow the first day ended.The routine continued for 3 more days. She had covered the mirrors, she didn’t see herself for 4 days straight ,she couldn't.She was afraid of herself.She was miserable now, couldn’t open the laptop didn't move from her bed, kept staring at the wall and now counting minutes.

She made herself busy because she didn’t want to face the her past experiences had made such a good life for herself but something was crawling inside her, she felt that she wasn't worthy , she couldn't survive another single day. Felt immense amount of pressure, she was weak. She called her mother for the first time in months , spoke to her told her that she has taken a leave. Her mother couldn't believe her daughter had taken a leave because Kalyani was all about office , work and some more work.She tried her best to make her daughter feel comfortable and offered to to come over. Kalyani knew she may not be able to face her mother in this condition and hence she pretended as if all was fine and said she will come over soon.Day 5 ended some how.

She knew it won't work this way, office won't be the same.The regime won’t be the same.She didn't feel confident anymore.She finally went in front of the mirror and as soon as she saw herself carefully she started crying, the tears started to flow as if they were stored there since ages, she couldn’t stand anymore she fell down and lost her control, she was reminded of all the past experiences and the things she had to go through to make a living and survive.The family, the quarrels, the rejections everything came flooding.

She was feeling like a small girl sitting under her dining table trying to escape the devil of time.She decided to end this torture and she decide to let go of this life.Day 6 ended

It was 30th April, the day she decided to let go off everything and be free of this torture, the alarm rang in the morning and she woke up.She called her mother spoke to her for a long time and then she remembered it was her best friend's birthday and she called her. Nimrit was the only friend Kalyani had made all along her life she couldn't possibly miss her birthday.She called, wished her and Nimrit sensed the trouble that was in Kalyani's life.Kalyani in the meanwhile had arranged her documents and all the other important things so that after her the people around her were safe and didn’t struggle. Nimrit packed and landed to Kalyani's place within 2 hours which was just in time.Yes!! you guessed it Nimrit saved Kalyani from the horrible fate.

Kalyani knew she was a prisoner of her past, she had to be taken care of but she lacked the courage not that she was afraid but she was so dreaded to go back to those experiences and thought death would be easier.Kalyani is still dealing with her past, but she doesn't stay there anymore.She is the climbing the corporate ladder one step at a time.She will get well, humans lives are like flowers and need to be nurtured.Speak well, treat them well empathise with them.

Sushant succumbed to the dread full reality of depression.What may have caused this? It will be an unanswered question, cuz only Sushant could have answered it.

Let's be there not only for others but also for your self.

Speak up.

I am listening.

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