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What is Passion?

Passion is one of those words that people use often without really understanding the original meaning of the word.When most people refer to "passion", they use it to mean strong emotions reflecting an intense desire or boundless enthusiasm.

Let me add something in front of this, "an intense desire or boundless enthusiasm towards fulfilling your calling"

There are a very few things which kick you out of your bed every morning when you wake up. It's like being super excited, waiting patiently for that dessert which will be served post a very spicy meal.

Something which you look forward to taking place in your existence.

But all while basic being the same i.e. "this passion of your's should be driven by you and not the other way round because then it looses it's charm".

Now let's say a child was super excited for the post school football practices throughout his/her school life.Then they entered the mid age where they had to get into a good college, then get a good job and start to survive.This child who now is a grown up has taken a up a well paid job at some firm and is leading the product, aware of his duties towards the employer he works day in day out so that the employer's product shines out as the best.

He is excelling at work, he is winning the rat race.He forgets everything about his school day fantasies of playing Football league etc but suddenly one day he watches kids in his colony playing football and tsunami of all good old memories comes flushing in.

He suddenly feels a rush of happiness all over, jumps and kicks the ball as soon as he gets an opportunity.He is overjoyed, enjoys himself to the fullest until his mobile blinks and then the master calls in for the slave to complete his duties for which he is being paid.(Does it seem exciting? NO!!! it sounds more like a trap to me.)

A human body survives without actual involvement of us, it does all the task straight from breathing, digestion to excreta. It doesn't need a special attention to complete these tasks but if the body has to be maintained then we need to exercise and nourish it with appropriate food. Similarly, our mundane jobs (you may like your job, no offence) are only for our financial needs ,for some the jobs that they are doing are what they are passionate about.

We don't need to be stressed about them but definitely we should never stop searching for the fuel which will help us create/accomplish what we are actually being called for.i.e. "Passion" ,

In the famous book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" the author beautifully explains that how one can build assets while still working like slaves, by minding their own business.i.e working for financial stability and at the same time building up their asset column.You my friend are your biggest asset.

The fact that without being fully drenched in what you want to be, you cannot achieve the knowledge and without being fully aware of your intentions one cannot achieve it's goal.Being a generalist (people who want to be an universal plug, where they gain knowledge related to most of the things) help you a lot in this process..It encourages you to you take that leap of faith.

So what is your passion?

If you know it, start planning the whole process start making notes and analysing the growth and understanding.

If you are struggling with the answer, start reading books, watch/read blogs (like mine :P) and be a part of clubs which interest you.What you seek is seeking is not a mere quote but reality.

You need to initiate the process of searching the fuel so that the engine of passion inside you never goes away.

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